Alert Level 2 – Safety Guidelines:



  • Our bus is up and running in the morning and afternoons as normal. There will be sanitiser available and we will keep a record of who is on the bus each day. 
  • When your child/children arrive at school we will encourage you to let them walk into school on their own.
  • There will be staff members on duty to greet the children when they arrive in the morning.
  • Please use our 1 main entrance, which is between Te Hono – our carved posts at the front of our school. 
  • If your tamariki are in the Hub (Room 12), Room 1, Room 7 or Room 2, 1 whānau member can take tamariki to the outside of their classroom – if you need to talk with our kaiako, they will come and see you if it’s not during class time.
  • We are hoping that 8.30am can be the time of morning arrival for most students, with the exception of whānau who start work at 8.30am.
  • Our free school lunches will continue.
  • Please ensure your tamariki has a morning snack and a water bottle to use – we are discouraging the use of our drinking fountains during alert level 2.
  • Breakfast Club will be available from 8.30am – 8.50am for tamariki who want a kai in the morning.
  • We will provide follow-up information about sports and extra-curricular activities in time.
  • It is expected that all tamariki return to school at this level unless advised otherwise by medical professionals.


5 Golden Rules for Whānau:

  1. Encourage your tamariki to enter the school gates on their own – we understand that some of our younger tamariki may require support and that’s okay – scan in, wear a mask if you choose.
  2. Avoid going into the classrooms – schedule an appointment if you need to see our kaiako.
  3. Keep your personal space and maintain distancing regulations from others.
  4. Be wise, sanitise!
  5. Cough and sneeze into your elbow, if you are unwell, please stay home and phone us (07) 345 6051.

5 Golden Rules for Tamariki:

  1. Keep your personal space – the bubble you can draw around you.
  2. Be wise and sanitise.
  3. Cough and sneeze into your elbow, nobody wants a germ shower!
  4. If you are unwell and feeling sick – stay home.
  5. Play, learn and have fun!