Our message for this week.
We have anticipated these circumstances and knew that at any time, we could be heading back into lockdown (råhui) and looking at providing home learning. At present, we know for certain that we will be learning from home for the rest of this school week.
We want to go with a ‘whånau first’ policy for this week. This means:
👉 Making sure your whånau is settled in their bubble.
👉 Not worrying too much about getting loads of school work done.
👉 Teachers checking in to say kia ora! Take care!
👉 We connect whånau with extra support if needed.
👉 Manaaki atu, manaaki mai – being kind to ourselves and others.
Our teachers will be doing a whånau message on DOJO just to touch base and so that our tamariki can feel connected to us. It is a good reminder that we are all in this together!
Below are some home learning links that you can use over the week, do as much, or as little as you can:
English medium home learning links: https://learningfromhome.govt.nz/
Mauri Reo, Mauri Ora – Måori TV home learning link: https://www.maoritelevision.com/…/mauri-reo-mauri-ora…
We anticipate that by Friday, we will know more about what next week could look like. We will update you all then and provide any updates regarding home learning should we need to continue.
Our staff have prepared for this and have plan A, B and C on the ready. We realise we will have whånau who do not have access to the internet and we have work packs on the ready should we need them available from next week. Teachers will touch base with whånau over the next few days and hope for any whånau who are not connected to DOJO, we can support this.
Keep an eye out for our survey coming out today which basically allows us to know how to best meet your needs during this time and moving forward if needed – it will take 2 minutes!
Keep an eye out for a fun video from Matua Bob and friends!
If you have any questions or concerns, you may direct those to callie.raureti@owhata.school.nz and robyn.hurliman@owhata.school.nz
Kia haumaru te noho e te iwi,
Owhata staff.