Reading Together Workshops:

For whanau to help them with how to support their child with reading – all ages. A series of 4 workshops run over 7 weeks by trained facilitators.


Reading Recovery Programme6 year olds

Reading Recovery is delivered as a one-to-one intervention programme by a trained Teacher.

During a learner’s Reading Recovery series of lessons, they receive daily, individual instruction of 30 minutes from a trained Reading Recovery teacher. The intervention is discontinued when the teacher judges that the learner is achieving in literacy at an average level for Year 2, that is, can take full advantage of the classroom programme without additional support (usually 10 to 20 weeks).


Specialised Maths Tuition:  

An intervention programme in place to support students who need that extra small group help in years 3-6.


Early Words Programme:

(Instant Recall of 1st 100 words in Reading)  – New Entrant/Year 1 -Preemptive strategy – once a child can recognise their name they begin the programme. Y2-6 – Intervention. Taken by a trained Teacher Aide.


Ngati Whakaue Funded – Junior Literacy/Phonics Programme: 

Run by trained Teacher Aide, for Year 1 and 2 students. An intervention in place to support students who need that extra small group help.


Pre-School Transition Programme:

This programme is available to four year old children living within our community who will be attending Owhata School.

Our aim is to better prepare children for schooling by introducing some formal routines, developing alphabet, early reading skills & maths knowledge.

Class is held on Wednesday afternoons from 12.30pm to 2.50pm.

The school van is available to pick up the children.

Our programme is a free service and is partially funded by the Ngati Whakaue Education Endowment Trust Board.

For further information please contact our school office, Phone 07 3456051.


Positive Behaviour for Learning:


Rumaki Education: We have 3 rumaki classes; a year 1-2 class, a year 3 -4 class and a year 5 -6 class as a part of Iriirikapua.


Accelerate@Owhata 2017: Link to blog.